Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wire Tapper 24

In this month's edition of Wire, there's a feature on Radio Art. Must be something in the air... or maybe they're reading this blog? Regardless, they've pointed me in the direction of some excellent transmissions, that i can't wait to explore.
Also acted as signpost with the new Wire Tapper CD, a little lagniappe for physical supporters. 20 tracks, and i'd heard of maybe 1. The amazing, sometimes daunting, often frustrating thing about music is that no matter how much i read or study, poring over playlists or unearthing new compilations, and there's a plethora of names i don't recognize. I've dived into a bottomless pit. But that's part of my function here, for you, dear readers: to elevate cream from crop, chaff from wheat. An alchemical factory, to boil out the impurities, and let the pure gold shine forth! Based entirely on my preferences and listening habits, of course.
I found this edition of WT to be a rather enjoyable listen, although not entirely. There's definitely some new and enticing sounds, drawn from a number of disparate sub-genres: drone, electro-acoustic, clinical electronical, chillwave, even a smattering of drone metal.
The real winners of this collection, that had me diving for Google, were Fuzzy Lights, with a gentle form of pastoral post-rock, finger-picked guitars and bowed saws, but this is more Boxhead Ensemble than Do Make Say Thing. Sort of a modern take on a chamber ensemble, with a dash of Eastern European paprika, to flavor the mix.
The other highlight is a triptych of rumbly drone pieces, from DSM 1V, Gentleforce, and Israel Martinez, that really flow together as a whole, staining the nighttime air of my friend's apartment, ebbing and flowing with sound of hissing heat, refrigerator hum, tap-water drips. Subtle, nearly subliminal, a care and a craft to resolve the unpredictable equation of what makes for engaging soundcraft. Very enthusiastic to hear more, from these young contenders.
Wire always serves as a source for interesting unheard sounds, although i don't always agree with their tastes. The writing is excellent, and i always end up learning something new. It was worth the $11 i spent, on a whim, even though i'm broke as shit right now, largely in part to the several days of listening pleasure i've gotten from this disc.

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