Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give thanks...

Just to let y'all know i'm out of town at the moment, but will be back to homebase shortly, and back to beavering away. Hope everybody in the states had a good holiday.

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  1. This is sufficient to speak for me! I will give thanks just knowing that my sentiments are shared by this man. The undiscerning root absorbs, equally, all that it touches...even the poison that would kill it! How many will actually hear what they are listening to? This ain't no turkey, baby! He just told you that you've been lied to...a lot...and's ongoing...and getting bigger...and...
    ...for that kind of heads-up, I have always been thankful. Wake up, Brothers, Sisters, cats, kittens!!! Thank you, J! This is the tea that I empty my cup for. I wonder what Santa Burroughs is gonna bring us for Christmas!!!