Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dark Arts

Here's some leftovers from my Halloween extravaganza, that didn't quite get put up on time. More autumnal in general, than specifically pumpkin oriented, i thought they'd still be a welcome addition to the season.
Autumn is a time of flux, the world goes to sleep for another year. The old generation dies off, to make way for the new in the spring. At first it is quaint, nostalgic; faded quilts and handkerchiefs, old photographs, drifts on smoke on increasingly chilly air. A time of nostalgia and remembrance. Then the death throes, the flailing: the breeze grows fangs, shows it heart of darkness. Homeless, drunken men freeze to death in alleys and doorstops. The trees all bare.
You can resist it, struggle, try to hold on to outmoded concepts and identities, or you can dance with the spectre, realize that Death is a transformation, a chance to come out of yr cocoon, to bust out of stasis.
I have here an autumnal mix i made, entitled Dark Arts, first focusing on the nostalgic, warm sweater side of the fall, then segueing into dark ceremony. It features such psychonauts as Six Organs of Admittance, Dead Raven Choir, Silvester Anfang, Green Pajamas side-project Goblin Market. It has a track by Donovan Quinn, who was a recent discovery, whose full time job is with the Skygreen Leopards, of Jewelled Antler fame, whose corpus features much fitting Oct. melodies. If anyone out there happened to have a copy of his most recent work, 'Your Wicked Man,' i'd love to hear it. I think it should provide a stirring addition to yr internal soundtrack, and perhaps introduce some to the darker side of the psych-folk phenomenon.
As an added bonus, we've got a JSHEAVEN ORIGINAL, a mini-mega mix: haunted soundscapes
and creepy music, with a few post-production bells and whistles. An imaginary journey into the woods
at night. This is my first attempt at publishing an original mix, brought to you by my dear, sweet
friend Ableton Live. A canny listener may recognize some morsels from some of the albums i featured
in Oct.
I had a blast putting all this together, so i hope y'all enjoy. Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated, as this is something i've been wanting to get together for a while, inspired by the multitudes of skilled curators out there. It gives me a chance and an excuse to spend some quality time with my record collection, to get to know one another better. I hope to put more original content out into the world, to be creative and express myself. That's pretty much why i do this thing. A skylight into my daydreams and nightmares.
I'm also recording original material lately, some of which may first see the twilight here.

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