Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cave - Pure Moods

One from the road...

After noticing an upsurge of interest of Cave's Psychic Psummer, discussed earlier, i thought i would dig up some more nuggets from these Chicago gruvmeisters. Dug out this 12" from 2010, chose it to inaugurate this particular homecoming journey.
I'd say Cave is perfect driving music, and it is, perfect... pummeling and repetitive and hypnotic, like 60 miles of highway blinkers, v-8s pounding burning petroleum through firing pistons, but i think it would be ever more accurate to say that Cave is the highway itself, an eternity of tarmac, stretching out to an infinitude of possible futures. Theirs is music of motion, rocking but calm, hypnotic but adrenalized. Its like being in the belly of a jetplane, thinking about what yr gonna do when you land, thinking about where you came from. 25 minutes, 3 tracks... this is a perfect, condensed vision of the group's sound and strengths. American kosmische, homage to a highway in Wyoming rather than the Audobon.

This was the perfect beginning for this voyage, got my motor's running, my engine revving. Got some momentum. Like a hummingbird, vibrating so fast i found some calm, some peace and contentment, to come back to my birthplace, to face family and long-lost friends, to stare down ghosts of former fuck-ups. I feel brave when i'm moving.
Once i landed, and found that old familiar stillness, and there will be more on that later...

Got a chance to get a computer, and i had prepared to write this one up ahead of time, so i took the opportunity. Going to see the band Lotus in Chicago tonight.

Pure Moods

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