Friday, November 12, 2010

Gonzales - Solo Piano

Middle of the night. Can't sleep. Have to be up in a couple of hours. Not wearing glasses. Vision blurry.
The perfect compliment and antidote to this high-tensile situation; the solo piano record from Feist producer Jason Beck, aka Chilly Gonzales, aka just Gonzales. Here we have the maestro weighing in with 16 tasteful, masterful arrangements: graceful, subdued, classy. Apparently the man has been playing piano since he was 3, and it shows. Similar in mood to the piano reveries of the Erik Satie, whom i've written about before on this blog, or Debussy's lighter moments.
Tuneful, melodic, poignant, bittersweet, contemplative; if a picture is worth a thousand words, then an album of instrumental suites must be worth a million. I'm not gonna try.
I've been rocking this all week, quietly meandering about the house, watching the seasons shift through the window, the first fall of snow. My musical tastes have tended towards the subdued, so my posting reflects as such. Hopefully y'all are curled up by a fire somewhere, (or enoying the sunshine, if yr on the other part of the globe).

ps... i'm not sure how the quality is on this one, i'm away from my main computer, and haven't had a chance to check this link. I'll re-up if its not up to snuff.


  1. I couldn't sleep...but, this turned out to be better than any state of slumbering could ever be. This stuff is like a personalized serenity serum that promotes a super-calm meditation wave of non-dormancy. I didn't do any chores...just sorted through the mental rubble that I had been avoiding. It was easy, so...thank you, ever so kindly! I will be back.

  2. Always turn to this album to regain my inner peace. Good review.