Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Minor Update...

"May You Live In Interesting Times" - Mark Twain

"Out With The Old/In With The New" - Lotus, Bellweather

No music today, just some thoughts. Relating to music, of course, cuz that's just how i am.
Saw the up-and-coming electronic jam band Lotus last night, and while i have heard them before, and even enjoyed their sounds, last night was the first time i really GOT IT. I've been watching people spar with their love of jam and rave, moody indie rock and classical soundscapes, for the better part of the last decade, to varying degrees of success. But, all of a sudden, in the last 2 years or so, i feel as if the shit has hit the fan, there are hordes of bands that are out just killing it, night after night, coming into their own style and sound. Mutant hybrids twining beneath the sun. This is a great time to be a music fan. This is a great time to be a human being.
But with great power comes great responsibility. I think many would agree that there's something special hanging in the air, these days, these are very interesting times indeed. Only the most hardcore nostalgist would pine for '70s, '80s, '20s, claiming that there's nothing interesting going on. We have increasing access to the history of every culture that has ever existed (that we know of), and oftentimes we have it in our pocket. Thanks to new software like the ever impressive Ableton Live, and the new battalion of grid controllers, we can lay our hands on sound direct, weave weft and warp. Genres and small minded thinking are melting like wax figurines in the oncoming pyrochastic flow.
Shit's coming down. The kids are growing up, and mastering their toys. An unprecedented amount of control and finesse is there, for those that would take it. But gone are the days of harsh task-masters, stern disciplinarians with iron rulers by yr side, waiting. You wanna overdose and die? No one's gonna stop you. You want to spend a decade on the internet, playing at being a genius, citing statistics at a parade of dinner parties? Go right ahead. We are moving into orbit, beyond the gravity well of castes and obligation. It is up to you to keep yr backbone.
I, for one, get lost in the data-stream, in a never-ending quest of ultimate knowledge. I want to know the songs and sounds of every inch of this globe, and others, if y0u happen to have it! But its never gonna happen. I'm never gonna burst forth in a silver Samaddhi of knowledge and wisdom. I feel my personal trajectory on this earth is one of creation; words and music being my favorite. No amount of study, no amount of preparation, is going to do that for me, or take away the fear of actually putting something in front of a human audience.
There are great rewards for those who would accept the challenge of this present, who would be brave and noble and wise. Let's not forget the virtues of the past, in an attempt to be absolutely modern. We've got to be more than kids, striving to have the new, flashiest toy. We can do anything we want, this time around.

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