Monday, November 15, 2010

Radio Show: Typecast

For this week's edition of Radio Shows, i'd like to bring to attention Type Record's Typecast. Type Records, helmed by one John Twellis, is a hallmark of exceptional care and craftmanship, a true institution of the underground. Bringing out releases from divergent artists like Xela, Yellow Swans, Peter Broadrick, Svarte Greiner, the list goes on; with consistently gorgeous design, hand-picked to suit the microcosm contained on the grooves.
The Typecast is a good simulacrum of the label's aesthetics, where really, anything goes, and usually it goes really well. Many Jsheaven stalwarts have provided mixes: Xela, several manifestations of Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, several incarnations of Brad Rose, William Fowler Collins, Svarte Greiner. During these hour-long shows, you may hear anything from harbor seals to Patsy Cline. The mixes stand up well against the test of time, you'll want to keep these, add 'em to yr commuting queue. Its kind of amazing you can get shit this good, for free. Sometimes its good to be an underground music fan.


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  2. Thanks for providing the much preferred deep water. I'm more of a swimmer than a surfer. Eclectic, esoteric, healing...this is the cure-all I crave. There are very few non-conformity 'purists' on the blogging gridiron. Thankfully, you are confirmed. I have been marinading here since November 1st, and I just have too many good things to say about your musical guidance. Also, I was taken as much by the editorial preludes and quotes, as by the posts they describe. I consider myself fortunate to have been enlightened in the ways of such unknown treasures. Thanks. I'll rant more next time. Onward...
    Oh yeah, An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge is beyond praise...awesome to the third power.

  3. Since I just missed Halloween here, I see no need to bring even more harm to myself. Happy Thanksgiving! In the Buddha field of life, your blog is a very beautiful flower. May all your future efforts be just as fragrant!!!