Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing Lasts Forever

Head's up Portland. Tonight is this month's installation of Lovecraft's monthly noise series, Nothing Lasts Forever. This month features a couple of sonic terrorists from Eugene; Don Haugen, (Holy Rodent, Warning Broken Machine, ManDom) & M Scott McGahan (The NecroSluts, INRI, Vivimancer, Scrolls).

I have heard that they just open up the floor, allowing the artists to freak out and experiment as they see fit, which is how i have always found Noise to be at its purest, most adventurous, most sincere. It is where we are in our element.

I haven't been yet, and i've been climbing out of my skin all day, in anticipation, so you can expect to hear all about this, tomorrow! But who cares what i think, just come out and see and hear for yrself. As i always say: any excuse to go to the Lovecraft is a good excuse.

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