Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goat's Head Noise Show


Hey hey y'all, for anybody that's actually out there who reads this spot, hesitantly or regular, i'm happy to say that i'm having a house show tonight at my house in Portland, Goat's Head Manor. Two bands i'm involved in will be playing, along with three of my local favorites: The Ghost Ease, Cult of Zir and 3 Moons, which is the solo project of my friend Jeffrey, whom i met playing with Fake Hospital at Ella Street Social Club. One of my favorite people, and i don't get to hang out with him enough.

The flyer was made by friend Lily, a last-minute explosion of ripped up color and coffee stains. It was fun hanging them up around town. This has been the most legitimate project i've been involved in so far.

My friend Jake and i have been making music since the fall, he's another resident of Goat's Head Manor. We represent the dark side. We got our shit together, to release a track on a Hermetic compilation, which is here, under the name Lore Acts, which we will be invoking again this evening. I haven't gotten around to mentioning these compilations yet, but i will, soon. I've released tracks on both of them, so far.

Meta-Pinnacle is me and friend Lily, who have also been making music since the fall. We played at the house one other time, more acoustic, with colorful lights. We've hung out on the porch a lot, like to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes and wake up playing and singing. Along the way we figured out our voices sounded nice together, and we made music together well. We share a copasetic aesthetic; we vibe well. Tonight our sound is more fleshed out, more full: we are learning how to GET DOWN and make sound. Tonight we will be our full, weird selves.

Tonight is for the noise freaks, the awkward and the real. Those that like to sit around in their living rooms and make art, doing it for the fuck of it.

I'm fucking stoked to have been a part of this, and its gonna be fuckin' rad. If you live in Portland, and you happen to get this in time, come by! We live at Goat's Head Manor:

Tonight's gonna be special. Expect to hear more!

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