Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boyd Rice interview

Found out about this one through the Chondritic Sound forum, fella named Arvo had done an interview for an unnamed publication, who didn't follow through. He tried to air the audio on his radio program, Delirious Insomniac, but was bombarded with harassing phone calls until he had to desist. Boyd's just that kind of guy, he's controversial, he pushes buttons.

I have recently had my hunger for late '70s/early 80s industrial/electronic music, looking back to before culture was formulaic/codified. When there was an element of danger, an element of risk.

Over the course of this interview, Boyd discourses on familiar topics like Tiki culture, early industrial & Noise music, 60s television, the Partridge Family Temple. He also takes about being a working musician in 2012, which i find most interesting, for someone who was participating in the unfolding of the futurism.

For someone who was, at one point, the head of the Church of Satan, Boyd Rice has mellowed significantly, and most of this interview borders on hilarious. The interviewer is fluid and informed, and it is set to a beguiling backdrop of exotica and retro sci-fi soundscapes.

There is no substitution for experience. Someone who has been making unconventional music, art, literature, and films since the early 70s has had so much trial and error, seen so many trends come and go, there is a sagacity that seeps through Boyd's words, a mellowness that is common to the slightly older. Not like he's some relic to be venerated, but brother's got a lot of good shit to say, and reputation aside, i think he's got great taste and makes interesting art. I was recently listening to a record he made with Frank Tovey, from Fad Gadget, which i reviewed over here, and its good noise; satisfyingly abrasive, mind melting, prone to painful moments of unexpected peace, its well put together, and i was struck that this is a guy who helped write the rules, who doesn't follow rules. He's out in the wilderness, ahead of the pack. That's the way forward, mediocrity will be assimilated into the drift, and in certain ways, we are seeing some of the Satanic/Nietzschean values spring to life. Music for Iron Youth.

For those not yet in the know, here's the first part of this interview, which Arvo claims in THE resource for the unininformed:

here's the rest:

Thanks to Arvo, for the heads up, and for conducting the interview. Good stuff!

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