Friday, March 16, 2012

Y'all - They Say We're Only Dreaming

Here's a nice little noise-blast that i received in my inbox; 15 minutes of frenetic spazz from Austin's Y'all, the duo of Travis Franklin on gtr. and Andy Richardson on drums. They Say We're Only Dreaming is almost frighteningly similar to Lightning Bolt's Wonderful Rainbow, i get that same sense of adrenaline, testosterone, adventure; rushing towards the future, not pausing for breath. This is what it sounds like to be a young man, gotta prove yrself, gotta be tough, gotta fight! Hardcore 3.7, the sound of cliff-jumping and lion wrestling.

The guitars sound like a barbed wire fence made of cathode rays and the drums are like a kitchen shelf falling on yr head, if that shelf had 10000 pots on it. An unending onslaught. Other reviewers have made this out to be "charmingly lo-fi" and it made me realize how utterly warped my hearing and consciousness have become, because this sounds sparklingly clean to me. I mean, its not Sum 41 or nothing, but you can hear the guitar notes and the individual drums, you can tell the specific origins of each acoustic phenomenon.

These guys got it going on, they are a tight and dedicated band, worthy of yr support and attention. The only mis-step is the emo squawk vocals of 'Gum' - i wish you wouldn't do that.

Half of the world's listening populace is in Austin, Tx for SXSW, so while yr down there you should check 'em out. Y'all is exactly the kind of thing i love to support, here at J's Heaven. Thanks to Travis for getting in touch!

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