Sunday, March 18, 2012

Atomic Island Re - Order

atomic island resize

i submit, for yr consideration, an audio oddity - a postcard from a place that no longer exists.

Atomic Island Re - Order is the first in a series of guest mixes and recommendations, coming at ya from my buddy Nathan Dorsett. On the Atomic Island, Nathan tries to convey the feeling of wanting to go home, but yr home has been annihilated by nuclear weapons, forcing you to acclimate to the main-land where you've become stranded, becoming ever more feral, going underground, a stranger in a strange land.

Exploring the hypothetical hinterlands where Beck covering Leonard Cohen borders Oppenheimer Analysis, Nathan has created a unique and dreamy landscape on this record, alternatively warm and cold, slogging through downbeat Hip Hop, college rock, dub House, Dancehall Reggae. Going more for mood than a straight-ahead narrative, Atomic Island Re - Order is at turns tribal, at times sleek and futuristic, there is an omnipresent emotional undercurrent, a hidden intent, nameless and spontaneous. It only goes to show how adept Nathan is at making mixes, it is interesting to observe his track sequencing, how he draws musical correspondences that no one else would ever see.

The tracks on Atomic Island Re - Order are predominantly unlabelled, giving the sense of a bizarre radio program in the middle of the night; a tropical transmission drifting on a radioactive wind. Listen out for an unlikely Wilco song - an unexpected delight! AIR creates a realistic simulation of what it is like to actually hang out with Nathan, obscure sounds at unexpected times. I first heard this mix as i lulled off to sleep on a massage table.

I'm opening up the gates of j's heaven. I never intended to be an authority, to corner any markets. I'm surrounded by people with exquisite tastes, each with their own history, their own philosophy, their own values. It is staggering, no matter how much time one spends culture-trawling, every music junkie that i meet has an entirely different musical collection than my own. I have stopped competing, and i sure as fuck can't keep up! So any requests, recommendations, guest mixes, post 'em up! Leave me a comment, or send an e-mail to the address found in the upper right. I'd like to know what yr favorite records are. I'd like to know what makes you tick.


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