Sunday, October 10, 2010

unexpected. . .

Good things come from weathering stormy seas, or the power of positive thinking...
So this space here has been sadly sleeping for a while. I trust you've all had a good summer? There are a number of pertinent reasons for this:
1. i was having a good summer myself, actually MAKING music, which is why i began this rampage in the first place.
2. For the life of me, i could not upload a single thing, leaving me to gather others' crumbs, like a sneaky ninja mouse.

I wanted to do something unique and personal here, to help expose others to music they may not have encountered, and to share some of my views on life et al. I DO NOT want this project to be another "look at my excellent record collection and adulate me" (although at times i do succumb to that temptation.)
My laptop died a couple of weeks ago. I was forcibly expelled into a wonderful Colorado autumn, forced to rediscover friends, live music, inspiring landscapes. To stop living in abstraction, to take a stand and DO something, in this world. Rediscovering the joy of reading books, and subsequently back to the thrill of spilling language. Not just another daydream, kids, the only life we get.
It is a rainy Sun. night, and the music is chosen almost arbitrarily, a fresh upload to test the connection, Times of Hayfield by Andrew Chalk. I've been grooving on this guys' somnobelent vibes for a couple of years now, something otherworldly, seemingly eternal, but with a more humanistic, dare i say emotional thread, than many new New Age dronesters. This one's full of lulling melodies, 8 tracks of heavenly drift. At times sounding like a warm cat, asleep on the bass keys, at times sounding like a snowy aspen forest; good music for imagination, for quiet conversation. An antidote for hyper-text hyper-speed Modern Information Age.
Slow down, and smell the cedar smoke. Its good to be back.

Time of Hayfield

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