Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Week: Day 1, Helloween Holocausts

So were are reaching the culmination of my favorite time of year, when the Autumn is romantic and reminiscent, kind but still spooky, before it grows icy claws and devours all its young. Obviously, Halloween is the peak of this season, and its my favorite day of the year, sort of like Christmas and New Year's Eve and my Birthday all rolled into one. So, this week, i will be commemorating the occasion, posting many goodies to soundtrack yr haunted houses, bobbing for apples, getting dressed up for bacchanalia, and generally celebrating the pagan gods.
So for starters, i bring you 4 slabs of quality Wolf Eyes, their Helloween Holocausts series, released on the American Tapes label. Full of scrapes, squeaks, and rumbles, ominous synth and macabre piano, maniacal laughter and incomprehensible whispering; this is truly TERRIFYING music as only the Wolf Eyes crew can do it. Its like being stalked by an unstoppable killing machine, at night. Its like holing up over night at the Evil Dead cabin. Its the sudden, depressing revelation that human life is fragile and insignificant.
Utterly badass, for those that like this kind of thing.

4 discs, 2.7 hours of terror. Enjoy.

Helloween Holocausts 1

Helloween Holocausts 2
Helloween Holocausts 3 & 4

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