Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bonfires on the heath

tues. morning. raining again. i seem to be inspired to write when it rains. i am trying to jump-start productivity. disturbing dreams of disapproving family members.
i thoroughly enjoy The Clientele's Bonfires of the Heath. For a while, i lost patience/interest, finding them over-produced and over-blown, and at that time, i had no interest in '70s lite-rock. But i felt this album was a return to the strengths they had cultivated on their first couple of albums, where i well and truly loved this band, thought they were something really special. I was disappointed when i heard murmurings that they were gonna call it quits after Bonfires. Apparently, these vicious rumours have not proven to be true, as they have a new one primed to drop, Minotaur.
IThis is perfect Oct. music, with dripping, leaden skies and technicolor leaves, crisp cedar-smoke air, gentle breezes, alternately warm and eerie. Time for reflection, when memories resurface with a vengeance. A time to walk around, smoke, think, listen to music. A last hurrah before the indoors introversion of winter.
The Clientele are all about memory. Long lost AM radio memories, before cynicism sets in. This music can dissolve decades of callousness, if you let it. Its heartfelt and gentle, full of gorgeous imagery and melodies. The guitar playing is sharp and tasty, and the horn stabs are a tasteful addition, not overdone. This is a band playing to their strengths, not trying to reinvent the wheel. Doing what they do best; beautiful, mellow heart-felt melodies. Far-away, dreamy, introverted, thoughtful. Reminscent. The title track, Bonfires on the Heath, is a classic and worth the price of admission.
I give you... (have a nice tuesday)...

The Clientele - Bonfires on the Heath

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