Friday, October 15, 2010


In the spirit of the season, i present Knive by Svarte Greiner, aka Erik K. Skodvin, half of Nordic duo Deaf Center. A glorious rumble-and-scrape of a record, warm vinyl pops and clicks interspersed with microphone manipulations, field recordings, and acoustic instruments. Self-described as 'Acoustic Doom', the instruments, squeak, squeal, and whine, as disembodied divas moan heartbreakingly while carrion birds wheel and call out overhead. With track names like 'Easy on the Bones,' 'An Ordinary Hike,' and 'The Black Dress', this is real witchy ambient music, for the dead of night, when hope seems hours away.
It is encouraging to hear the marriage of modern minimalism, the type championed by Type records, on which this was released, with honest-to-goodness electro-acoustic works, that provides some grit, some tangibility, in a style that is oftentimes hyper-clean and overtly clinical. Its greatest strength is a sense of miniature dramas, the behind-closed-eyes cinematic quality that is often promised but rarely delivered upon. Or maybe its just i wouldn't want to watch those movies. So fans of Bohren and Der Club of Gore, Deaf Center, heart-wrenching b movies, and all afficianados of menace and gloom, give this one a spin. It will provide candy for your imagination.

Knive @ 320 kbps

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