Wednesday, February 4, 2009


hey, this is gonna be the personal blog for one j. simpson. Those of you who know me may find yr way here, those of you who find yr way here may get to know me. Basically, i need a chalkboard where i can scratch  my nails and capture my fleeting inspiration, possibly while working. 
So anyway, it's Wed. and i'm halfway done with my workweek, at my new job, working at the CU food court. So far, so good.
I wanted to post my playlist for this evening, and some quick thoughts: 
Broadcast: the Noise Made by People: which is mighty fucking excellent, but was partially obscured by the Noise made by refrigerators.
Ratatat: Classics; which completely kicks fucking ass, and is great to work to, to boot. Its got a great boot, and its funky, but its kind of peaceful as well. Good to chop tomatoes to.
The Ex and Tom Cora: and the Weathermen shrugged their shoulders; Its just ridiculously awesome that i can listen to the ex while i'm working. Tom Cora is an experimental cello player, and i really like the work he has done with the ex (two albums i believe, see also scrabbling at the lock, which is one of my favorite albums in the universe.) I was mainly enthralled by the novelty of listening to this, and was very good when they're rockin', but some parts get very quiet, and were lost to the din. I love it when Andy Ex goes into his chucka-chucka precision post-punk thing. These guys are gods. The only other downside about listening to this while at work, is its hard to pay attention to the lyrics, which are always so fucking magnificent and intelligent with the ex. But they're good to shake yr ass and thrash yr head to, as well.
Guided by Voices: Isolation Drills; Haven't listened to GBV in ages, was thoroughly enjoying their timeless beauty, but then the CD fucked up. The song, Glad Girls, was one of my favorite live musical memories, i'll try and tell that story some other time. and finally,
Matthew Shipp: Pastoral Composure; Free skronk jazz meets beautiful baroque classical music. Don't know much about this guy, but like what i've heard, plan on learning more. Anybody, care to share yr experience, strength, and hope re: Matthew Shipp, feel free to comment. Pretty good to mop the floor to.

So i have noticed that different music is good for different things, and what may be good to fix yr car to may not be appropriate to make love to yr old lady by. So as i'm spewing my thoughts on my listening habits, which is one of the main points of starting this thing and after all, music is my life, i will try and include what music would be best suited for. 

I'm discovering, in a fast paced kitchen environment, that sing-along music is good; otherwise something with a good-beat, instrumental wise. Abstract, experimental music; not so much. Jazz music is pretty good, listened to Mingus' Oh Yeah a couple of days ago. Discovered Mu-Ziq, which had always struck me as rather mellow and soothing, is actually kind of jagged and abrasive, and makes people think of psycho/slasher flicks!!! Huh, see what happens when you drag things under the fluorescent lights of examination.

So this is just a quick post, by way of introduction. This is something i've been meaning to get around to for a long time, so there ya have it. 

More later.


  1. Kat and I saw Matthew Shipp at HotHouse in Chicago a few years ago, and he's at least as much of a fucking demon live as he is on a record. There are kind of two versions of the dude - the acoustic monster who plays jazz like it sounds in your nightmares (especially when he's collaborating with William Parker - their Duo record has the most terrifying version of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" you've ever heard), and the experimentin' dude who collaborates with anybody on any instrument - lots of drum loops, hip-hop drums, samples, etc. Check out either Nu-Bop or his record Vs. Anti-Pop Consortium to hear that side of the dude. I'm a huge fan of his. He scares me in all the right ways.


    P.S., sorry I'm such a flake these days, I still owe you an email (and the one you sent me is starred in my Gmail inbox, if that counts for anything). I'm glad you've got one of these, and I'll write back with something about something besides Matthew Shipp soon.

  2. bless you for actually commenting on a blog. I'll check out that Matthew Shipp record, and Antipop Consortium are the shit (rip).