Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wed. morning

Just a quick update, check it out!
SO MUCH KRAUTROCK! As an eternal devotee of the kosmische music, i thought i'd point y'all in this direction, of a mighty fine blog. I haven't started digging through this yet, and to be honest, i haven't been listening to as much german psychedelic music these days, as i no longer take bong rips, my ipod is broken, and i don't have much occasion to ride the subway or go zipping along the Autobahn. However, there are some mighty fine headtrips to be had in this era of music. I recommend Can and Neu! for starters (my favorites.)

I'm also getting into a band called Colleen that i found from my friend Serge, which is sort of ambient electro-acoustic music. I'm listening to an album called les ondes silencieuses, which is gorgeous and soothing, very contemplative start to my day. Reminds me a bit of a band called Bell Orchestre, who are also very good and worth checking out.

My other main groove of this week is a band called Electric President, listening to their self-titled album from 05(?). A very heartfelt indie-electronica that really does remind one of The Postal Service, just like everyone else says. The electronics are impressively realized, however, tight and intricate, with great bursts of emotion, lovely vocals, meaningful lyrics. Its got some neon, airbrushed looking cover, and i expected another hipster electro-trash record, and was pleasantly surprised. I've listened to it 4 times in 2 days.

You can find the colleen stuff here, at the wonderful Experimental Etc. blog:

Happy hunting!

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