Saturday, February 7, 2009

post birthday blowout!

just a quick note, to respond that i had an absolutely fabulous birthday, probably the best ever. I hope to tell a more elaborate story at some point in the future, but right now i'm scarfin' some lasagna and finding some music for A. and myself, and working on this here site. I wanted to give a hearty and heart-felt thanks to S. for spoiling me fucking rotten, which was really strange for me. She gave me Mr. Punch and silver hot pants. I just felt really loved and cherished and blessed, and i tried to spread the love and good-cheer around, to good effect, i think!

So thanks to everybody for the well-wishing, and come back soon and i will tell the tale of my birthday party ice-cream social hard-drive party, which was totally sweet. Also, if there's anybody out there, i'm looking for a couple of things:

Seeland - Tomorrow Today
Califone - Deceleration One and Two

See y'all soon!

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