Friday, February 6, 2009


just wanted to post a quick update of my listening habits from last night:
American Analog Set; The Promise of Love: probably the best music to chop fresh basil that you could ever hope for. It is fresh and invigorating; relaxing but stimulating; exotic but oddly comforting. I love this fucking record, takes all the best nuances of krautrock and infuses it with surprising humanity.
The Go! Team: Thunder Lightning Strike; I've been into this album for a while now, since seeing them at the pitchfork festival in Chicago, but I'm always surprised and delighted when i hear it. So incredibly upbeat! What happens when cheerleaders go indie!
V/A: Spaceships of the Imagination; Some psy-trance comp, weird. Nothing like listening to recordings of disembodied alien voices to make an impression on new co-workers.
Red Sparrowes: Every Red Heart Beats towards the sun; Most epic floor sweep ever.
Beethoven: String Quartet no. 13 in Bb; Pork chops and sweet potatoes, as i struggle for compassion. Totally beautiful in a baroque way, must say i'm not that fond of the light frilly chamber music stuff. Sorry, my cravat is at the dry-cleaners.
Landing: Passages; Sleeping. Good to drift off to. I got to meet them a while back, opening up for the exceptional Windy & Carl, at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. Talked about synths with their keyboard player. They were the house band at Windy & Carl's wedding. Y'all should check 'em out!

Today is my birthday, and i'll post a more elaborate message later.

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