Saturday, March 28, 2009

Come On, Let's Go!!!

My friend Serge is applying for a $50,000 grant to document the young BlackFoot Indians! You procure this grant by getting the maximum number of votes for yr project, via the website. I really like his photographs, and his ideas; and i also agree with his point, in that native culture is disappearing like castles made of sand, and there will be a time when these photographs of normal people and normal life will be totally priceless.

The main thing i can say about Serge is that he is dedicated to his project, and to his art. He spends as much time researching photographers and technique as i do with music and musicians. He has also already started this, spending a summer on the Res. He desperately wants to go hang out with these people, and see his work realized. Let's help him!

Check out his proposal and vote here:

See his work here:

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