Monday, September 26, 2011

Mario Gonzalez - SueisFine (Already Dead Tapes)

Been meaning to write this one up for a little while now, over-complicating, worrying too much, waiting for something to be more perfect and accomplishing NOTHING, like the idealistic procrastinator that i am.

Sueisfine was sent to me as one of three of the newest batch of Already Dead Tapes, out of Kalamazoo, Mi. and discussed previously in an article on Forget the Times. To be honest, the other two records, a new one by Forget the Times, as well as new releases by Lasso and The Philly Crawlers, but the other records were in .aiff format, and i'm living on borrowed time and borrowed internet, so i ended up getting to spend more time with this Mario Gonzalez record, instead.

A lot of times, i'll think, 'o, here's another tape release. that's nice.' or expect to hear another blast of white noise and bowed cymbals, maybe some warbly pop music. There's a standard of low production, and somewhat low expectations, in cassette culture. Its like, yr a cool dude, i'm gonna buy yr tape, whatever it is.

So i was quite stoked to throw this one on, and have my head pleasantly massaged by fuzzy glitchcore, breakbeats for the late night walk. Ominous, kinda fucked up, and downright sexy, like on [snuff record]. The production, the talent, and the creativity are impressively high, and totally different from the other acts i've heard on Already Dead so far. Made me wonder what was going on in Kalamazoo. I was listening to this the night that they had their record release party, and i was out stalking the streets of Portland, Or. Thinking how rad it is that all these folks are getting together, getting their own things going on, sharing with one another. That there is a sense of an archipelago forming, like minded individuals. That there is a common thread. To watch genres and boundaries dissolve, and the huge flourishing of creativity that is resulting, is astonishing.

Sueisfine by Mario Gonzalez is a damn fine record. You should purchase it, in whatever format you most prefer. Its a dark electro late night urban jungle prowl. It is dangerous. It is sexy. It is fucked up. It is brilliant. It is inspiring. If you like things like Third Eye Foundation, or vintage Aphex Twin, you'll dig this. Seroma (xxx) gets my vote as my official Single of the Month (you didn't even know i had those, did you?), its spooked, grimy paranoia the soundtrack to feeling homeless in a new city, not knowing many people, where i was, or where i was going.
Soundtrack to dumpster diving.
'if i'm goin' down/its with my boots on.'

Expect more detailed reviews of the other records, as i get a chance.
I really love these folks and what they're doing, and highly encourage you to support them, and any and every rad ass scene going on somewhere.

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