Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting back. Getting organized. Getting situated.

Just returning from this weekend's urban jungle adventure in Seattle, for the Bumbershoot Festival. Just arrived in Portland, and am working out the logistics of getting situated out here, finding a place to live, making a bit of money. Figuring out how to get indoors, before the weather turns. Expect to see posts featuring a shit ton of amazing music, during my summer working with the music festivals: lots of great chunes, more autobiography, more divulging, reminiscing, wondering. Keep yr peepers peeled...
In the meantime, check this tune. You've probably heard it. You need to hear it again. I first heard this played late-nite at the helsing junction sleepover, and we rocked it in the Medicine for the People van, leaving Portland, heading north on the I-5 to Seattle.

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