Monday, September 19, 2011

For the heartsick

Here's one for the inevitable shadow of love: the faded romance, the regret, the longing. The sleepless nights. Here's one for moving on, here's one for lingering; for remembering, for dreaming, for talking to someone who's not there. When you fall in love with someone, it breaks you open to the world, its like living without skin. It can be almost hallucinogenic in its intensity.

This is an 11-track compilation i put together, featuring the various stages and nuances of seperation. Celebratory, lamenting, hopeful, bitter. I covered as wide as a swath, to give as many lonely souls out there as possible something to latch onto.

The inevitable northwest rainy season is beginning, and the rosy hue of summer is beginning to seem like a beautiful dream. At times, i wonder if the things i have seen and felt and learned were merely delusions, ecstatic states brought on by too much sun and dancing and vegetables. I don't think so. Ultimately, this mix is for someone who you still miss, there is a thread of hope that cannot be drowned in 6 months of rain, which is why i closed out with The Angels of Light, Untitled Love Song, from How i loved you. This mix really starts to cook on the second half; the mixture of Arvo Part's fragile Für Alina with the rustic despair of The Handsome Family's Passenger Pigeons is about the closest i can get to describing how i am feeling, sitting here typing at 4 am, in a new state, tremendously missing somebody but appreciating where i am at. My heart hurts, but i am also enjoying myself. These songs sound perfect in my earholes, i am appreciating the quiet, appreciating the rain, making mixes for lonely people in the night. Yr not alone.

Track Listing
1. Donald Woods & The Vel-Airs - Death of an Angel
2. The Vitones - The Storm (So Blue)
3. Lee Fields and the Expressions - My World is Empty Without You
4. Tom Waits - Who are you
5. David Sylvian - The Heart is Sure
6. Arvo Part - Fur Alina
7. Mirah & Ginger Takahashi - Pure
8. Joy Division - Atmosphere
9. David Bowie - Letter to Hermione
10. The Handsome Family - Passenger Pigeons
11. The Angels of Light - Untitled Love Song

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