Friday, April 16, 2010

Start Levitating Now!

Wanted to put this up the other day, as part of my Sunshine post, but was unable to find a link. Thankfully, the good folks over at Fangs and Arrows were able to hook it up, so now i can share with all you good people.
This gem resurfaced the other day, part of a massive load of Skaters related esoterica i put on my ipod about a year ago, and the fuzzed out warbling synths and National Geographic beats fit the mood, melding with the breeze and the dirt to create an idyllic trance state. Particularly interesting, coming from Les Baxter, and into Lunar Testing Lab: an alternate history of Armchair Astral Travelling.
This stuff is in line, in the spirit, of recent noteworthies such as Ducktails, Predator Vision, Sun Araw, El Guincho, Panda Bear; anyone with a gravity bong, a 4 track, and the Discovery Channel. Anyone who thinks Miami would be a neat place to visit. But doesn't really like to travel. ButButBut, Mr. Spencer Clark's auditory vision is just a little less precious, a little less sweet. More stoned. Paranoid. Tripped out and beautiful. More of a night of lysergic revelations than some pills and a pacifier.
Ragged and rewarding, 6 tracks of imagination. Dusting this off has re-fired my ardor for the raw wonder emanating from the cassette underground, (which was all brand new to me, when i started this blog). It also fills me with the desire to bang on pots and pans, to make stoned out manifestoes, on the reels, in the moment. I spent half of last night singing through metal tubes and banging on water coolers. THAT is the profound effect this music can have, as well as making a sublimely weird soundtrack to working in the garden.

Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Start Levitating Now!

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