Monday, April 12, 2010

Heyoka - Marklar

I post this, almost arbitrarily, so as to not leave y'all hanging, while 'm still figuring out what the HEELL is going on with my uploading capability. Today I give you Marklar by Heyoka, whom my buddy described as "A wookie-looking Russian dude named Andrei," by way of San Francisco. I offer this for a number of good reasons:
1. i heard it this morning, and it made me feel good.
2. is a good example of the style of music which is popular around my work place, and thus i listen to EVERY SINGLE DAY.
3. a style of which i have recently been introduced, mainly when i started working this job, which could probably be considered Glitch-Hop, which sounds a lot like live Dubstep to me, and most of the time will TOTALLY ROCK YR FUCKIN' FACE!
Heyoka's a little sweeter, a little subtler, than some of his hooligan, bass-head cousins; he's got some of the sw--e---e--tes-t St--uu--t--ers and rockingest Speak 'n Spells, that sound like ET crying for home. Smooth, sometimes trancey, but always bangin', this has been a real gem of the past couple o' months, and being reminded of its existence while folding lettuce and chopping Cilantro made for a pleasant Sunday Morning.


  1. I turned around, and all of the sudden, there were ten thousand sounds for me to hear.

    Welcome back.

  2. Thanks man. I've been dormant again, for a little while, preoccupied with making music of my own, but will not be dormant for as long this time.
    Got any particular favorites, so far?

  3. This'n is very fine indeed. Probably the one I've come back to the most, and Rose has taken a shine to it as well.

    Also, we're not very good at this keeping in touch on the internet thing, eh?

  4. Also also, I pretended to be an electronic musician a while back. Here the results here:

    I've got a bunch of other space samples I want to fiddle with, but I don't have the time at the moment.