Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dead Moon - 13 off My Hook

There's been much talk of Dead Moon lately, with the resurrection of Pierced Arrows recently, who are basically Dead Moon with a different drummer. Reminded me that i had heard this band, once upon a time, and had appreciated their murky, bluesy jams. Made a point to check out one of Pierced Arrows' SXSW performances, at the Encore Patio, and was glad that i did. They were raw, rough, and ready (Toody Cole, the bass player, actually had to stop the action to make Fred Cole, guitar player and husband, tune his axe!) Age and experience were dripping from Fred and Toody's exchanged vocals, joy and pain the likes of which a 20 year old just can't fathom.
Dead Moon have always been about the basics, the essentials, delivering their stripped down garage-punk message with as little fluff as possible. Not trying to be hip, slick, or cool. Seems real, seems honest, to me, and besides that, it FUCKING ROCKS. Rather curiously, listening to these guys and the like has re-ignited my blazing love for Rock 'n Roll, garage, heavy metal, and otherwise. It takes my mind off my problems. It takes my mind off my mind. Dead Moon strike me as essentially a Garage Rock band, with punk rock attitude, and a lo fidelity aesthetic, (most likely by necessity). There are also elements of surf, rockabilly, and country buried beneath the fuzz, as well. Even when they are ripping out good times party music, (like the track Milk Cow Blues i am listening to right now, which sounds like an early Stones outtake, when they were still a blues band), there still seemed to be a beating heart there. Some humanity, some honest to god emotional communication, which makes them more intriguing to me, and worth repeated investigation. I'm not much interested in 2 dimensional music, superficial even. So i am bringing Dead Moon - 13 off My Hook, for your appreciation.

enjoy. sorry 'bout the rapidshare link, still fixing my ul. Thanks to for the link.
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