Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lately Listening

This is pretty widely available, but its been gracing my ears for the past week or so, and its actually pretty damn good, so i thought i'd put it up. Bibio is English musician Scott Wilkerson, and Vignetting the Compost is his 3rd full length. He's been working in the field of folky electro-acoustic music, and has been getting more melodic and tuneful as time goes on. Vignetting brings his acoustic guitar playing, which is rather accomplished, to the forefront, adding ambience and electronic textures, as well as other instruments like trumpet and flute, to flesh out the sound, to hold the attention and make it more engaging.
Vignetting the Compost is an enjoyable listen from start to finish, atmospheric but also attention-grabbing, and above all else, melodic. The melodies are strong and catchy, particularly the trumpet fanfare from 'Weekend Wildfire', which will become lodged firmly between yr ears all week. The overall effect is gentle and idyllic, calling to mind scenes of childhood, lying on the grass or between the roots of yr favorite tree, cloudgazing. Sonically, it sounds like John Fahey or Jim O Rourke with Boards of Canada providing the backdrop.
Very good, indeed, and it will grow on you like a healthy curtain of ivy.
Vignetting the Compost Thanks to Incomplete Tales for the link.

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