Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fire Walk With Me

Photobucket When i was about 15, my friend Joe would come and spend the night, in the days before he lived with me full-time as the official 'dude on the couch'. At this time, i was living in a ghetto-rigged bedroom in the basement, with bedsheets from the '70s as wells, and a moldy box-spring where i laid my head at night. It was grimy and kind of depressing, but these were magickal nights, where he could get away from his fucked up home life, and we would have no time constraints, all the time in the world to talk about everything under the sun, percolating pots of coffee over candle-flame and smoking forbidden menthol cigarettes.
On these nights, he would bring homemade dubbed tapes, full of mystery. Peter Gabriel, Slowdive, James, The Cure, The Smiths. All the usual saints of depressed suburban youth. One of these was the soundtrack for the Twin Peaks movie, Fire Walk With Me. I don't think i had seen the film or any of the series at this point. However, the music gripped my imagiation and filled me with some of the earliest feelings of 'I've got to find out what this is! I need to find more!'
What it did, was introduce me to the world of twilight jazz, slow and mellow beyond belief, atmospheric, romantic, all to the good for a young proto-goth like myself. It was these seeds that would flower into a love of Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Morphine, and Bohren and der Club of Gore. Also, the heavenly voice of Julee Cruise would predict my love of The Cranes, My Bloody Valentine, and all things shoegaze. To this day, anything that sounds remotely like the music from Twin Peaks fills me with an adrenaline rush, and a need to hear MORE! It also fills me with the intimacy of those evenings, of whispered secrets, of brotherhood. Of youth and possibility, and i am glad to say, all these years later, i still have that feeling.
This album, and the others that will be released in this series, were fundamental in creating the creature that i have become. Sacred listening, this is what my soul sounds like.

(at 320 no less!)

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