Monday, January 2, 2012

Thunder Drums

Got an exquisite two-fer fer you today. "What's a two-fer," you might ask? Find out...

Thunder Drums is a tribal stomp from Scott Fitzgerald, a bit on the New Agey sound, but perfect for cruising around on mesas, through cacti, watching sunsets, and possibly stomping yr feet.

The files posted here are an actual cassette rip that i made a while back, for a very special lady in my life. This woman i was married to, many strange aeons ago, and this was one of the tapes that was in our car during our endless, perennial road trips. We listened to this as we drove back and forth across this massive country, from sea to desert to mountain to forest, and then back again. This was the soundtrack for two souls waking up, intertwining. One thread in the vast symphony of awakening.

I just learned the other day that this dear woman, who has been saint mother lover sister and most importantly best friend is getting re-married. She was out on her lonesome for many moons, as i was busy falling in love repeatedly, committed to her soul, dedicated to evolution, to meeting god in this lifetime. As i tried repeatedly to bullshit myself, to drown myself in illusions, striving for normalcy and a typical life, and this woman would not leave me be, a perennial bedbug and a thorn in my side. "You promised to move mountains," she would say. "You promised to push the meteor from off thy head." She would not let me sleep.

Our relationship has not been romantic in a long, long time, but we have been thicker than blood. She has saved my life repeatedly, been a constant source of sympathy, understanding, and frustration in my life. I didn't figure i would mind at all, be affected at all, upon learning of her imminent nuptials, and was surprised to find a very poignant retraction in my soul, like watching some indigo meteor slip over the horizon. Like watching a loved one, turn and walk away, watching their back diminish.

I grew up with this woman. We became who we are today, together, birthed in the nuclear crucible of a thousand and one psychedelic nights. We found magick together, we found the land, we found our human family. We found a billion awesome bands together, and danced to sweaty exhaustion, over and over.

As i have moved towards health and human adulthood, my definition of love has expanded beyond what i can get from someone, what they can do for me. I am wholly whole, in this moment, a molecule at rest, and my heart and my mind and my soul can perceive these beautiful creatures i have known, i have loved. Beyond selfishness, beyond ego gratification. Just a simple, fond appreciation, like the blue velour blanket i used to wrap around myself as i slept.

So far all of you out there, here's a time warp, back to 1997 and further still, to when thunderous bison hooves rocked the sandy earth, like the first heavy metal band. Lovingly ripped from cassette by myself, and i'm told the cassette is far superior to the digital re-issue, for some reason.

This one's dedicated to Angela Romany, soul sister number one and bff forever! Remain in light! and blessings on each and every remaining breath!

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