Monday, January 2, 2012


One of the greatest challenges i face when pretending to be a real music journalist, is when bands and labels contact me out of the blue, looking for exposure. A slight tremor of the hands, a little shortness of breath, as i unfold my in-box, faced with the possibility of telling some young hopefuls that there band is hopeless, and i, in fact, hate their music.

I was quite relieved that this was not the case with Portland's Archeology, (there's no second A), and that i, in fact, rather enjoy listening to them. Someone described them as 'power folk', which is kind of stupid, but kind of apt. Their sunny harmonies and acoustic strum reminds me most closely to Colorado's Bad Weather California, but perhaps that reference is a little obscure, so instead i will name drop and say they remind me of Yeasayer's celtic twilight and four to the floor pounce, with fleet foxes tight vocal stylings and my morning jacket's faded romance.

That is not to say that they are entirely a pastiche or homage, another faceless derivative indie act. They have four part harmonies and three guitarists, one of whom plays keys, so this band has layers, nuance, and PRESENCE. This, coupled with the fact that they released 5 ep's in 2009, they year that they formed, and toured extensively, suggests to me that this is a young indie band that is doing it right, paying their dues, plying their craft, and are deserving of attention.

I haven't been listening to this band for very long, but i've been spinning tracks off of youtube and facebook all evening, and haven't gotten tired of them yet. In fact, i'm intrigued, and i'm looking forward to paying closer to them, and the chance to see them live.

Thanks to Rian, from ipromotogoodbands, for the heads up on these guys, and allowing me to keep you posted on what's happening, here in Portland.

Archeology are headlining the Doug Fir Lounge 1.6.12


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