Friday, March 26, 2010

True Widows

Another wonderful discovery of my trip to Austin, possibly my favorite , was a trio called True Widow, from Dallas. Guitar, bass, drums; male and female vox. With this, the most quintessential of instrumentation, the SOUND they conjure is staggering, and impressive.
I was outside, on Encore's patio, watching This Will Destroy You (who are also from Texas and also quite wonderful), and i ducked inside to get out of the unexpected chill of the wind. The interior of the Encore is the archetypal Metalhead bar, an axewielder's Nirvana; an enormous oil-paint portrait of Rob Zombie, as well as Sid, G G Allin and a bunch of other heavies. The walls and ceiling corruscated with shivering lights, synchronizing with the music, which was actually pretty neat. And then i hear the SOUND, this velvet wolverine of undulating frequencies, bass drone ecstacy! i am absorbed, swallowed in sound.
In with the vocals, (Nikki Cage, bass, was singing, i believe), and i was mesmerized. The vocals are what really seperate True Widows from the legions of bland, post-rock poseurs. These songs are beautiful, sad, intense, lonely, angry, and they can still rock you like a schooner in a hurricane; all handled so gracefully, so smoothly, letting you be seduced, hypnotized, and left for dead in a ditch in Lousiana.
I offer here, for yr consideration, their self-titled debut, their only recorded output so far, i'm sorry to inform. Hopefully it will convert you to hairy, drooling fanatics as quickly as it has for me, and you will be howling for a sequel. I first heard their record about 3 days ago, and it has been on permanent loop since, with no signs of abating any time soon. It has a dash of Hex-style Earth drone, a hint of Slowdive, a tease of Pixies. It has more of an indie-guitar feel than the p-rock juggernaut i experienced, which just makes me that much more curious for what's to come. No particular stand-out single, in my opinion, i suggest you just let the album sweep you away.

True Widow

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