Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not Dead, Just Dreaming

Sorry to leave y'all hanging for such a long time. Hopefully, yr individual lives are spinning in a satisfactory fashion. I've spent the last few months getting re-established in my life; new place, new job, new friends, you know the drill. As part of that process, i've been questioning what to do with this little sliver of the internet, if i even felt like picking it back up, if it was necessary to add more music, or more thoughts to the maelstrom. You could go, and find any of this shit any ol' place, probably within 15 seconds.
The reason i started this whole thing in the first place, was the fact that i deeply cared about music and art that has changed and effected my life. It was always intended to be personal, and subjective, and i got into writing reviews as an exercise in how to 'play it straight'. I still hope to learn how to write journalism, but stewing over 'right' and 'proper', let alone 'ethics' and whether my efforts were helping or hurting the cause, left be gagged and silent.
I write this site, cuz i have some things to say. Whether or not those things are interesting to anybody is none of my concern. What i hope to achieve is to have a space with really consistent quality and erratic styles. Seeing as how i spend all day every day sniffing out new and interesting things, i may as well put some of it up here. So i am worrying less about doing things 'right' and 'proper', and just saying whatever the fuck i have to say. However i can think to say it. I hope to put things that are rare and unusual, and believe me, i have come across some pretty fucking rare and unusual stuff in the past 8 months!
The other reason i am resurfacing at this particular moment is that i have just returned from SXSW down in Austin, where i encountered much rad music, and going down there always inspires me to participate in music, writing about, playing as much as possible. So i am coasting on that momentum, and returning to y'all. You were missed.
So my return token is almost arbirtrary, a short little EP by an excellent band called Warpaint, 5 songs and out. I happened upon them, just two days after listening to these songs, at the Mohawk, on a quest for the pisser. They are fabulous live and i recommend seeking them out. 'Burgundy,' the last track, would have to be my pick for single of the week. Insidiously catchy, be warned. I can't wait for them to put out a proper full-length, as this seems to be all they've put out thus far.

Consider this a taste of things to come. If you have anything you'd like reviewed or posted, gimme a shout in the box.

Exquisite Corpse


  1. Whoa! Real journalism is when somebody actually finishes reading the piece and accepts the fact that he is no longer the same person...the way I have accepted it after every one of your writings. They not only entertain, they captivate, inform, and are textured with a sincerity that cannot be faked. If journalism is your goal, have you not already achieved it. Trust me, it is never a good thing to look to others for your own happiness...and, wearing the robes of a priest does not make one a priest. If you feel that you haven't yet worn your robe, at least your manner is priestly! Thanks again. I won't be far away.

  2. yr comments are moving and inspiring. Its one of the main joys of this endeavour, is the unlikely human connections made along the way. Yr quite a fine writer, with yr comments. Just an update, to let you know i am out of town, at the moment, and probably won't have much of a chance to update, but will be back in about a week, and working diligently. Whats some of yr favorite music? I will represent.

  3. Hurried work is worried work. Take your time. I am not going anywhere. Thanks for your response. Regarding my favorites, I prefer the standard Zen subtleness of not-seeking the Tao as the most effective way of achieving it or arriving there. Without knowing where the path leads, am I not exactly where I should be? My confidence in you cannot be undermined.
    But, if you want a better clue: close your eyes...what do you hear? Do you hear the sound of your own heartbeat...