Monday, June 29, 2009

Woods Family Creeps

Photobucket Impressionistic lo-fi folk music from the depths of NYC.

This is their first release as Woods Family Creeps, after 2007's breakthrough At Rear House, and the expanded line-up sees them expanding their sound as well, dissolving their cozy fireside jams in a vat of turpentine, smearing the colors and making the overall result far spookier, seen to best result in the 'Creeps Collage'. Jeremy Earl's falsetto singing voice is tender and vulnerable, and is the human face against the experimental backdrop. The music sounds like a blurred photograph, a sonic pointillism, equal parts intimate and heart-wrenching. And sometimes fun, as on 'Twisted Tongue.' It is experimental and daring, fucking with boundaries and styles, yet the songs are consistently excellent and memorable. This is a band that are taking risks, and emerging victorious, deservedly rising in popularity.

I've been listening to this album for a good 6 months, and every time it is over, i feel slightly disappointed, and want more. The rest of their catalog is well worth hearing as well. I love how it is alternately romantic and sad and fucked up and spooky, all at the same time. The 'Creeps Collage' is my personal favorite, and i dare you to find a better slice of midnight bedroom experimentalism. I have a request, and a challenge, for all you music experts out there: The moment when shit dissolves in 'Creeps Collage', when the drums drown in a half-mile of reverb (about 1:15). Can anyone think of other moments on record that sound like this?

Woods Family Creeps - s/t

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