Monday, June 29, 2009

Reality Is What You Make of It

Photobucket i've recently discovered that on the internet, some people are good enough to start scanning and archiving a good chunk of amazing world literature, in .pdf format. This is good news, for me, seeing as how i've probably spent half a million dollars on books, in my life. Not to mention how hard it is to get a hold of a lot of esoteric knowledge, and i think the internet is starting to show us its beautiful Aquarian shining face, democracy of knowledge and of people.

I've decided to make available two texts that have been hugely influential on who i am and how i live my life. The first is Robert Anton Wilson's 'Prometheus Rising', which was the primer for me on reality tunnels, social conditioning, and how we can truly make the world what we want it to be, that is to say, you find what you look for. Using Timothy Leary's 8-circuit model of the brain, he postulates a blueprint past primitive thinking and behavior, a path towards evolution.

The second is the classic Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey, answering the question, 'Now that we've changed ourselves, what're we going to do?' The subtitle Poetic Terrorism and Guerilla Ontology sums up its battle-plan. Once we become awake and aware, it becomes possible to transform the world, with silly symbolic actions, like having an impromptu parade or fireworks display. Injecting wonder into the world, and it is contagious.

For far too long, i felt stapled to the couch, incapable and inadequate, frozen with self-doubt and guilt. I'm not really the type to chain myself to a redwood, and i even still eat meat and smoke cigarettes and everything. What can i possibly do to help the world? Just recently, i have begun to find that i may use my unique gifts, that i don't have to cram my mutation into some procrustean bed labelled 'Activism'. It all stems from passion, from caring, from being brutally in love with the world and allowing myself to be skinned alive by every passing moment. Even this little blog becomes a tool towards helping the world, by sharing all this wonderful art that has set my mind on fire and saved my soul countless time, and continues to do so every day.

The other good thing about both of these texts is they do not fall into frilly new-age self-helpisms, rather using all the languages and tools at our disposal: quantum physics, chaos theory, psychology, and occult traditions, all as different reality guides, to pick and choose from as we see fit. These books are elusive and boundary-defying, like most of the music that gets posted here; they ignore static labels and examine living systems instead.

So i hope you may benefit from these amazing books, as i have done, and there will definitely be more to follow. If anybody cares to share thoughts or observations that arise, i would be interested to see what you have to say.


ps... The estate of Robert Anton Wilson has respectfully asked me to remove the link for Prometheus Rising, but it is an amazing book and you should check it out. Can be had here:
Also, the family informed me that they are running an auction of RAW memorabilia, to help with a large debt that was left behind after his passing. You can check THAT out here:


  1. I never cared for TAZ, but I've been meaning to re-read Prometheus Rising for ages. Thanks for reminding me.

    (Also, how's shit? Planning any trips anytime soon?)