Friday, April 13, 2012

mnttaB - 4,2, and 3 EP

5 tracks of slamming distorted beats, chantalog vox, burning synth - they claim you can't dance to it (you can but you will look daft), but i disagree! This is firmly in the pocket, down-right groove-laden if you ask me. File under death-disco, noise punk - if you like PIL, Lightning Bolt, old Screamers, dig it!

I've been spinning this one pretty relentlessly since it came my way. The five tracks hit like an adrenaline rush, go down like a shot of espresso. I love the burned out, lo-fi way its recorded, there's just nothing quite like synth punk for that feeling of decay and dystopia. Glad this one came my way, and will definitely be listening further.

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