Saturday, August 27, 2011

Carissa's Wierd - Ugly But Honest

I was randomly reminded of the existence of this band, trolling through my record collection, remembered that i used to like to listen to them a lot. I've been in the mood for pretty folk music, lately, its what strikes my ears the best, so i thought i'd give 'em a shot.
Wandered off to sleep in the bushes, rocking this in my headphones, staring up at a tree, a few stars winking at me, and i was really struck by my life, truly in the moment, alive to my senses, and i realized a vital piece of my musical obsession that had been evading me: the heart. The mysterious, elusive quality that moves and stirs my soul, that cannot be described or quantified, and i really felt all that Carissa's Wierd were saying beneath their words, around the words, in the melodies, in the harmonies. I realized something vital, rising from my depths, lying out there in the ivy, that has driven me mad for years and years, which is to say, i'm never gonna get it right. All these years, all these hours, all these words dribbled, describing mesmerizing music for people i don't know, and i just cannot properly describe the wordless howl contained on all these records. Drifting off to sleep, these songs just killed me, floored me, would've driven me to my knees if i hadn't already been on my back.
This is the flip-side of burgeoning romance, love tainted with experience. Looking back, reminiscing; i've got all these intense feelings flowing through me, these days, and the thing of it is, is that i cannot turn off the love that has come before, cannot numb, coat, or pretend otherwise. I've loved before, i've loved a lot, and i've had my fucking heart broken into a thousand pieces. And i love these people still, although i don't talk to many of them anymore. Lying on my back, staring at the couple of twinkling stars, i could feel the weight of the years, of the memories, coming flooding back, until i was transported to sunny living rooms, or kissing beneath a street-light, and i wept for those memories, for those poor wounded children, one of whom was me.
These are songs of wisdom & experience & disappointment, from a band that was over almost before they were started, who would go on to bigger better things, like Band of Horses. Its got that faded, introspective quality similar to vintage Low, with glorious male/female harmonies, soaring strings, and badass fucking drumming. I hear the best qualities of '90s indie/post rock, la Slint or the Louisville, KY school, creating interesting, moving, emotional folk-rock. I was glad that i was reminded of this band's existence, as i was researching this album, and saw that they're doing a one-off reunion show at the end of Sept. in Seattle, at Neumo's, and it is rumored that they'll play this album in its entirety! Someone in a position of authority, put me on the guest list! I'm intent on going, one way or the other.
This album, this band, is truly an under-appreciated gem. Its brilliant, and soulful, and tremendously sad. Check it out.

Ugly But Honest

" think its better to keep in your head
all the things you tried to have
maybe we already had the good times
maybe we left them behind
so forget the way it made you feel
dont forget it made you want to die
and all these scars
just wont ever seem to go away
do you ever think about the way
all these things they used to be
i think i lost it all out there
i think you know exactly what i mean

so i'll never go back
do you wish they remember still
it can happen again
maybe you should save in your head
all the things you tried to hide
did you ever think about her
did she ever make you cry
and all these scars
just wont ever seem to go away
did you ever think about
the way these things they all just used to be
i think you lost it all out there
i think you know exactly what i mean"

- Carissa's Wierd - To Be There Now

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