Friday, February 18, 2011

Black Sleep of Kali - Our Slow Decay

Hey. I tried writing some cerebral fucking analysis of this sweet stoner metal band from Denver, Co, and it was giving me a fucking headache. This is not cerebral music, although it is intelligent and thought-provoking. They sing about reality and lions and snakes. The guitars churn and chug in all the right ways. The drumming is top-notch, and takes this band a cut above the legions of tepid imitators. With layers of harmony vocals, searing lead guitar, build-ups, breakdowns, and growling, Our Slow Decay never drags its heels, pushing you onward, compelling you further into the inky black night.

Metal has come a long ways from its tall boys, denim patches, and inverted pentagrams. These guys sound like 4 dudes trying to wake the fuck up, not content to swallow the bullshit pill of mediocrity of white-washed society. We're being sold a lie, and i am surprised that wakefulness and spiritual warfare is not embraced more of the metal cognoscenti. It takes some fucking guts to go against what all yr bosses, yr parents, yr teachers, yr roommates, the newspapers, the advertising are telling you. Some of us are fucking pissed (although in our better moments, we are peaceful about that fact.)

The real reason for this post, is to tell y'all that this band is pretty sweet, and if you happen to live in the greater Boulder/Denver metropolitan area, they're playing a pretty sweet show with some band called Orm and somebody else, at Astroland tomorrow. And if you are unfortunate enough to not be able to attend this event, slam on some headphones, and bang yr head against the walls of infinity.

Our Slow Decay


  1. That was pretty cerebral if you ask me. Remember, you and I have an obligation. When one becomes aware...then one is involved. Why? Because there are only two choices awareness will afford you:
    1. To look the other way and pretend that you are not aware.
    2. To try and fix the things you are aware of.
    Well, does this mean that thinking for oneself is required? Of course not! Yr bosses, yr parents, yr teachers, yr roommates, the newspapers, the advertising, (et al) have all claimed to be aware. So, now go check and see where they have actually tried to fix the things they were aware of. Question everything that you hear and at least half of what you see with your own eyes. Good luck, everyone. J is here to help. It's his obligation.
    PS-(Related Zen): When I was A small boy, I fell into a hole, and was broken and could not climb out. I might have died there, but a stranger came along and saved me. When I tried to thank him, he told me:
    "The only thanks I will accept is for you to promise to help two other people. Then they will each help two others, and so on. This way, goodness will spread out like ripples accross a pond"...these aren't really obligations. They are only promises.

  2. Example: Here's what authority says about Sodium Flouride...
    "It's good for your teeth" why is it the active ingredient in rat-poison. Don't believe it? Better get to the hardware store and check...

  3. Kwai - it's all about dose. Water and oxygen are poisons too.

    J - This album is pretty goddamn good. It's a bit like Dave Grohl and Slayer had a baby that grew up to smash people's faces with rockin' metal jams.

  4. Hello Distant One, glad to meet you. A lot of what I say is just to provoke response. Of course, dosage is paramount. But water is the essense of all life and happens to be much tastier when pure (sans Chlorine/Flouride/Kool-Aid).
    I am just happy to know that J touches on a lot of concepts/topics that are far too important to be avoided. I'm here for the music. J knows his stuff. He has been my benefactor for the last couple of months. I was just digging what he'd written and, like always, he provoked my Saturday morning 'wake and bake'. I hope you are a regular here, because everybody makes a difference. Everything affects everything. Peace, brother.

  5. kwai, good to see you again, amigo! the distant one is very scientifically minded. Its his duty to be as specific as possible, with regards to data.
    Thinking for oneself is really the task at hand, in my corner of the universe, these days. That includes not rejecting schools and traditions, out of hand, and merely reacting.
    I am glad that you derive benefit from my musings, here, and i do regard it as important, although it may be seen as utterly trivial, to some. What lies beneath all the thoughts and feelings, is that this is my life, and these works of art infiltrate and impact me, and i merely report how and why. I have spent much of my life trying to be autharatative, qualitative, and quantitative, and have never seem to muster the correct amount of energy and enthusiasm. Try as i might, it just doesn't happen.
    Most of the work that i present here are things that lead to the interior, a downward (upward) spiral, past thoughts, and i am open to suggestion. In this way, listening to music, writing, walking, practicing guitar all have the same consequence, and the division between secular and spiritual disappears. This is merely a journal of the rabbit-hole.
    I'm so glad to see y'all talking to one another. I would love for this to be a place where people gather, where minds like flames can light up the darkness.
    I really appreciate all of you, and it is large part for you, that i undertake this work.

  6. J, your words inspire...don't underestimate them...