Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Jade Set - Shiny Triangle

This is a rather esoteric release that came to me straight from Norway. Composed mainly by Shaun Ytterland and a group of fellow sonic adventurers, hunkered down over breaking down machines that include acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, an old casio keyboard with the keys taped down to make it drone, tape loops, and delay pedals. It falls somewhere in the gray realms beyond John Fahey and Emeralds, detouring through Jewelled Antler territory.
The diversity of instrumentation, and the care in arrangements prevent this from being a somatic snooze-fest, and the wavering between power drones and delicate acoustic experimentation keeps it varied and interesting. Personally, i enjoy its no-fi sensibility and lack of commercial pretensions. Dare i say 'Pure Art'? The most exciting thing, to me, is where some improvisation leads to weak, flabby wankery that goes nowhere except to the players head, there is some that opens doorways to new worlds, unexpected connections, and refreshing innovation. I think this tape has all these hallmarks, in spades, and is worthy of yr time and attention.
Thanks to Shaun for the excellent release, and all the amusing e mails.

The Shiny Triangle

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